Are you always looking at that pile of paperwork and thinking, “I’ll tackle it another day”?


Are your kitchen cupboards overflowing and do you over spend on groceries, often buying duplicates?

Are you moving soon, but dreading the packing and unpacking?


Can’t find anything to wear, or does choosing an outfit take too long each morning? 

Has your child’s bedroom or playroom got out of hand or do you need help and advice on setting up a nursery?

Gift Vouchers for Christmas available.

Do you know someone crying out for some decuttering and organising help in their home? 

Treat them to a decluttering session with a professional, rather than a gift that could add to the clutter in their home.  

Minimum session 2 hours.

Terms & Conditions apply.

Call me on 07886 423395

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We can discuss your requirements and aims, so you can fall back in love with the space you have.

About Me

Why I do what I do...


My name is Carrie and I am a Professional Organiser. I began in the industry after the birth of my two children, but I have always had a natural flair for using spaces creatively to keep order. 

My creative talents at being organised have been put to the test in recent years, both by my young children and having to pack up and move home in the last 12 months. Being a full-time mum gave me the time to concentrate on creating a streamlined home, all the while accommodating the children’s needs as well as mine and my husband’s. 

Prior to marrying I travelled extensively and always comfortably because of my ability to travel lightly. I often enjoyed helping my fellow travellers with their storage challenges; it’s not easy cramming your life’s needs into a backpack, especially when you buy things (you can’t live without) along the way! 

I have worked in various clerical and procurement positions both in the UK and abroad. These roles provided me with experience in time management, efficiency and of course being highly organised, as well as creating great business relationships.

I have also enjoyed helping my friends with their storage challenges over the years, always respecting their attachment to their personal items and how their home works for them.

I cover the areas of SE London, Kent and Essex. 

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser and Declutterer

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser and Declutterer

My Promise to You

I approach every project I undertake with a level of professional proficiency. I love what I do and whilst working with you I will support you, respect your decisions and strive to help you achieve your aims. I will also work at your pace to build confidence in your own efficiency. Leaving you with a space that is functional and that you can enjoy once more.

My Ethos


My aim is not to tell you what to throw away but to help you to decide what to keep and how best to store it. 

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I cover the areas of SE London, Kent, Essex.

Please contact me if you live outside these areas, I may still be able to travel the distance.

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser

Chislehurst, BR7 5DL, United Kingdom

Mobile: 07886 423395

Working Hours

Monday - Tuesday: 9.30am - 2pm

Saturday: By appointment