Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in Chislehurst

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in Chislehurst

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in ChislehurstCarrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in ChislehurstCarrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in Chislehurst

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"Thank you, Carrie, for helping me find a little bit of inner peace!"

Professional Organiser calm space decluttered, relaxed, sanctuary,  Carrie Ottolini

Carrie came and helped me declutter my living room today and now I feel ready to invite people back into my home! 

I had a lovely experience working with Carrie today. Right from our first contact, she has made me feel calm and un-embarrassed about my decision to look for help to try and work through my awful clutter. Carrie's approach is kind but firm. I never felt judged and always felt that my opinions and needs were respected and yet she managed to guide me through difficult and sentimental moments. 

Beware... the process can be emotional, but I am so unbelievably pleased with the results. 

Louisa Green

Accompanist & Repetiteur

"I just didn’t have the motivation for what seemed like a HUGE task"

Clutter, declutter, organised, storage, sanctuary, Inner peace, Carrie Ottolini

I’ll admit, I had never heard of a Professional Organiser until I met Carrie Ottolini. 

I had a wardrobe that was not only full of clothes, shoes and bags but paperwork, makeup, boxes of ‘memories’ and anything else I could squeeze into it.

With baby no.2 on the way, it needed clearing out, I needed space!!! I just didn’t have the motivation for what seemed like a HUGE task, which is why I enlisted the help of Carrie.

Carrie was fantastic and made the task so much easier, she was very sensitive to my ‘memories’ and never once pushed me to throw anything out (even though I am sure she wondered why I would want to keep certain things!). Carrie gave advise about storage for things that did need keeping and advise on what can go to charity shops and what can be recycled. Remarkably this meant little to actually throw away! I felt completely comfortable when we were sorting out my paperwork which contained confidential information.

The whole process that I had dreaded for so long had actually been fun in the end and of course the finished result was space! Exactly what I needed!!! 

With Carrie’s advise I have managed to maintain an organised wardrobe and its actually a pleasure opening the doors now when I need something.

I couldn’t recommend Carrie Ottolini highly enough and I wouldn’t think twice about using her services again if/when needed. 

L. Boiling

"With Carrie's help I now have everything combined and streamlined in one place."


Carrie helped me to organise all my paperwork into one filing system. I'd previously been working with four different folders and the chaos was getting too much to sort. 

With Carrie's help I now have everything combined and streamlined in one place. 

From the outset she was reassuring and completely discreet with my personal filing. She knew which papers I needed to keep, and was so helpful in sorting what could be disposed of and what needed shredding. 

All my admin is so much easier to sort as a result, and I will definitely be calling Carrie again. Thank you!

Charlotte Knott


Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in Chislehurst, Organisation Review.

"On the day she makes it fun with no pressure to get rid of anything"

decluttered wardrobe, less stuff, mindful, living with less, organised, Carrie Ottolini

This is just to say how happy I was to use Carrie Ottolini as a personal Organiser.

Carrie made the whole process very easy
Starting with an informal chat about what I was hoping to achieve with a few good suggestions of her own. 

On the day she makes it fun with no pressure to get rid of anything you are not sure about. 

I now have an airing cupboard and wardrobes I am proud of and this is just the start, it has spurred me on to do the whole house.  

B. Donovan

"Decluttering and organising of my kitchen was done by a real professional"

Kitchen organisation clutter free calm organised, pantry cupboards living with less, Carrie Ottolini

I had very interesting pleasant experience - the decluttering and organising of my kitchen was done by a real professional. 

Carrie’s suggestions were very helpful and with a great insight. I had a good chance to find those bits that actually were eating space and find stuff that I never actually used, plus lots more! And the best part, Carrie wasn’t just standing and telling me what to do, she literally helped me to do all the decluttering. 

Happy to recommend. The whole experience exceeded our expectations. 

J. Karazija  

"Carrie is so kind and considerate but always professional"


I recently called on Carrie for her help tackling the daunting task of unpacking my kitchen after some incredibly stressful building work. I had been feeling that it was something that I simply didn't know where to start with, so it was obvious that I needed help. 

I had previously enlisted her help in organising my living room and we had had an incredibly successful session. Carrie is phenomenal. She is like a machine. We unpacked my entire kitchen together and she was instrumental in helping to rework the contents of all the cupboards. 

At no point did I feel like I was being told where to put things - it felt like a real team effort and yet I think Carrie could somehow instinctively tell when I was struggling with what I felt was the enormity of the situation. 

Carrie is so kind and considerate but always professional. I am so happy with the result. My mind has been freed and I feel like I know how to tackle the next lot of boxes.

Louisa Green

Accompanist & Repetiteur

"People always comment on the amazing transformation"

De-cluttered Garage, Storage boxes, Keep it simple. Organised business area.


Carrie undertook the mammoth task of helping me to de-clutter, organise and tidy my garage and the results are incredible. From the first meeting, I knew that Carrie really understood what I wanted to achieve and she made the whole process really easy, and dare I say it, actually enjoyable! 

Her approach was practical and efficient and she is a real do-er... not afraid to get stuck in, make suggestions and ultimately create a really tidy space from in what was previously a major dumping ground.

The finished result, with all my plastic boxes, clearly labelled and stacked neatly into different categories within the garage is amazing. In fact, it’s now been 3 months since Carrie left and the garage is still spotless! People always comment on the amazing transformation as well.

She’s Chislehurst’s very own Marie Kondo and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to everyone (I have done already!) I can’t wait for her to do other rooms in my house!!


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