Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in Chislehurst

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in Chislehurst

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in ChislehurstCarrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in ChislehurstCarrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in Chislehurst

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you belong to a professional body?

Yes, I am a member of APDO (Association of Professional Declutterers and Organisers) and I am bound by its code of ethics

Will you judge me or tell others about me?

As a Professional Organiser I provide confidential and discreet services, so no personal details will be divulged to anyone unless you tell me to do so; any business or personal information seen by me whilst working with you will be kept in the strictest confidence, my privacy policy outlines Data Protection Information.

I am registered with ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) for data protection.

I will not judge you or your home. My aim is to make you feel happy in your home after I have left.

I am too embarrassed to show anyone around or ask for help?

Please don’t feel embarrassed, the fact that you are reading this should be seen as the first step to achieving your goals. I am here to help and guide you through your project.

What do I need to do?

Be open and honest with me so together we can achieve the right organisation system for you. Mentally prepare yourself for letting go of some items. There is no need to tidy up before I arrive, it’s best that I see where you most need help.

You need to be present for every decluttering session you book, so that I can always be guided by your decisions. Once the decluttering has taken place you may find you have plenty of storage space, so please don’t feel you need to make a purchase beforehand. We can discuss your storage needs at the end of each session.

Will you make me throw my items away?

It is best to prepare yourself for the idea of letting some items go. However I will not make you throw anything away that is important to you just to create a streamlined home. Your home needs to reflect your personality and I will organise around your ideals. 

How long will it take?

This depends on how much clutter you have, in how many rooms and how attached you are to your items. Decluttering can be an emotional and stressful task, so decluttering sessions usually last about four hours. I will keep you focused to achieve maximum progress during this time. You can decide on booking further sessions to either complete or tackle new tasks after this confidence boost.

What happens to the items being thrown away?

This will depend on each item thrown out. A lot of your items can go to a charity shop to be loved by someone else. We will also discuss the removal of some items via local businesses, freecycle or your local authority. I will advise you on what could be sold on the internet. Where possible, we will look at recycling the item before discarding at the tip. I cannot take your items to the tip for you as I do not hold a Waste Carrier’s Licence.

Will you help me to maintain the order?

I will advise on how to maintain your well organised home and aim that after I leave, you will feel confident to achieve this yourself.

However, if you require my help again, please feel free to book a regular maintenance session; this way you can enjoy other aspects of your life without worrying about your home becoming cluttered and disorganised.

Do you clean?


In order to help with your overall effect I am happy to clean surfaces, but I do not offer a cleaning service. However, I can suggest companies to use and suitable methods to maintain your space.