Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in Chislehurst

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in Chislehurst

Carrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in ChislehurstCarrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in ChislehurstCarrie Ottolini Professional Organiser in Chislehurst

The Process and Decluttering Services

 After your initial contact I will book a personal consultation appointment with you. This will allow me to see the area that needs attention and we can discuss your aims and requirements. I will build an action plan and advise you of the estimated cost, and then book your project date if you require it.

On the first day of the project we will tackle the decluttering process together. After the first session, which normally last about four hours, you will experience a sense of relief and also have the confidence to tackle other areas in your home and beyond. 

It is my hope that you will fall back in love with your space, giving you back the freedom to enjoy other aspects of your life. 


Paperwork & Filing

Organiser paperwork, tidy, efficient, productive. Filing cabinet, Carrie Ottolini


Snowed under with paperwork or can’t put your hands on important documents easily? Take the stress out of looking for papers by creating a simple filing system. I will help you file your paperwork effectively and advise you on how to maintain it, so that you can always find that important information quickly.

Kitchens & Living Areas

Professionally organised kitchen, decluttered, clean crisp shelving, relaxed, calm, Carrie Ottolini


We spend a lot of our time in the kitchen, but it can be a stressful experience if cupboards are overflowing or you over spend on buying duplicates. 

I will help to reorganise your kitchen/living area to maximise the space and storage that you have, making the time spent in these rooms much more pleasurable. 


Professionally Organised, tidy, calm, relaxed, sanctuary, slimline hangers, Carrie Ottolini


Can’t find anything to wear amongst the many clothes you have in your wardrobe, or is choosing an outfit taking ages each morning? Then let me help you re-organise your wardrobe. With my help it will be easy for you to find your favourite items, and fall back in love with those forgotten clothes long lost in the clutter.

I will help you to organise the items that you choose to keep, give to charity, give to friends or relatives, place in a memory box or discard.

Sorting out your wardrobe can seem like a daunting task to take on alone; I will help you to organise your possessions to regain order and your bedroom will become a place of sanctuary once more.

Child’s Bedroom

Cluttered playroom, children, storage, declutter, organised, colour, control, Carrie Ottolini


This space can easily and quickly get out of hand. Take back control by decluttering and implementing easy storage solutions that your little ones can also help maintain.

I will help you by sorting through old clothes and toys, and creating memory boxes for your children’s most cherished possessions. I will also help you to decide on future storage and how to set out a nursery or playroom. 

Together we can make this area fun and imaginative for your little ones, whilst keeping order in your house and toys in their place.

Moving Home

Less stress when moving, staging your home, declutter, organise, storage, Carrie Ottolini


Moving home can be a daunting task at the best of times, but especially so if you are working full time. By decluttering prior to moving you can avoid the pile of boxes you will face at the other end. I will help you to decide what should go with you and which items to donate or discard. I will also advise you on how to pack your various items in a practical and methodical way, and if you wish I will help you to unpack at your new home.

A note about Hoarding

Whilst I don’t currently work in this specialized area, there is a lot of help and support out there. So if you feel you have a problem with hoarding, please go to for information, including a list of professional organisers who have expertise in this field.